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Ten expressions to start using in 2020

Welcome to 2020, a new year and a new decade. This week I have got you covered with ten expressions that you can start to use in business in 2020. 

Firstly, you will see that I have divided the episode into 3 parts. First, I give the expressions, then I define it and finally I give you an example sentence to help you put it into context. 

These expressions will hopefully be new to you and you can start using them straight away. 

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Let's take a look then. 

Limited bandwidth

You do not have the time or resources to undertake an additional task.

We have limited bandwidth to respond to any additional production requests.

To move the needle

Make a noticeable increase in outcomes through extra effort.

We need to move the needle on this project. We are working hard with zero progress.

Push back

A response to criticism aimed directly at the person making the criticism. Or responding to something you may not agree with. 

Let's push back against the board on this issue. I think they are making a wrong decision.

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Side hustle 

A small entrepreneurial business run separately to a person’s usual job. The term was used as the title of a book by Chris Guillebeau.

I am starting an eCommerce business after work as my side hustle. Let’s hope I can leave my 9-5 job.

Double-click on

To go into more detail on the mentioned point. This is IT-based vocabulary moving into mainstream business speak.

Could you just double click on that last point? I want to fully understand the issues.


Refers to the "ability of a business system to rapidly respond to change. Being agile means quickly adapting your products and services to meeting customer demands as well adjusting to the changes in a business environment or changes brought on by technology.

If we are not agile enough, we could lose market share overnight.

To be crushing it

Used when someone is doing their job particularly well, or in a situation where a company is growing rapidly and making huge profits. Used in a positive context, even though to crush something literally means to destroy.

John is really crushing it at his new job. He got promoted in only 2 months.

Customer journey

The path that a customer takes when they interact with your company. Especially useful when understanding the online journey a customer makes before they buy your product.

Understanding our customer’s journey is important to improve our online sales.

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To take a deep dive

Going into a comprehensive brainstorming session or analysis of something.

I want to take a deep dive on these financials. We need to find out where we are losing money.

How are you showing up?

A question often asked of others about how they are performing. Often used to make someone reflect on their commitment or performance related to work.

Ask yourself how you’re showing up each day. Are you really living the life you want?

Final thoughts

That brings us to the end of this week's episode. I hope you have found these expressions valuable. Remember to comment below with your expressions for 2020 or ask me a question if there is anything you don't understand. 

I hope you have a great start to the year and if you want some help with setting up goals for the coming year, then make sure you listen to episode 59 of The Art of Business English, "How to goal set for the new year".

See you next week. 

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