I'm Andrew Ambrosius

So, who is Andrew? 

I’m often asked about my history and career as a business owner, trainer and coach, so I thought I would share that with you here…

After more than 10 years as a business English trainer, the lessons I’ve learned along the way are what allow me to help my students and clients grow faster than they ever thought possible, and avoid wasting time and money.

Throughout my career I have worked in a wide variety of sectors, from the House of Commons in London, to a Venture Capitalist, run of river green energy start-up in Vancouver.

I bring all of this experience to the classroom, making my sessions dynamic, inspiring and always making my students want more.

About Andrew's journey

The Art of Business English is the business English branch of Andrew's language school. Castells Immerscom School of English is a second generation language school with 50 years of tradition. Based just outside of Barcelona, Andrew runs the school with his wife.

Andrew started The Art of Business English in 2017, as a pet project. He is passionate about helping professionals excel in their careers and overcome the barriers presented by working in an English speaking environment. 

Since 2007, Andrew has been honing his skills as a trainer and teacher. His early endeavours included Immerscom, Residential Business English Training. These week long full immersion programmes laid the foundations for much of what Andrew teaches today at The Art of Business English.

Passionate about technology and the learning opportunities that it provides, Andrew has been vigorously developing and adding online programmes, small group coaching programmes and online courses to his eco-system.

 If you are interested in working with Andrew or joining one of his programmes, then get in touch. 

How can I help you?

I'm always helping, that is what I do. However if you need specific help with your business English, then take a look at some of the programmes we offer. Remember, these programmes can be run on-line in small group coaching sessions, as a "dripped" content on-line course or one-to-one private tuition. 

  • Presentation skills from beginner to executive level
  • Email writing and written communication skills
  • Negotiation skills for business
  • Managing and participating effectively in meetings
  •  And many more. Contact us for any special requests

The Art of Business English Podcast

2017 - Present

I started the “Art of Business English” podcast, to provide English language learners with the knowledge they need to fulfil their potential in every area of life… 

From business, to communication skills, emailing, presentation skills, negotiating and coaching, every single week, the podcast gives you the opportunity to learn from my over 10 years of experience… For free.

To date, the podcast has received more than 200 thousand downloads and has a 5-star rating on iTunes.

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My single biggest passion in life is helping other people like you
achieve your full potential…

Whether you're starting out in your first English speaking job, your own business, or you're a confident English speaking executive working in an English speaking environment. Nothing is more rewarding than getting messages from those whose lives I’ve helped impact.

But when it comes to enjoying life outside of my work, my biggest passions are spending time with my family, travelling the world, cooking, riding my mountain bike and sailing with my daughters. 

Being from Australia, I used to surf and sail, now that I live in central Catalonia, my passions have turned to riding the epic trails around my city. A truly magical place surrounded by forest and an unlimited number of single tracks.

Over the years I have lived abroad spending 2 years living in London, and a year living in Vancouver, where I met my wife.

I have also travelled extensively, having visited a lot of places, my highlights were, South America and the Inca Trail, 2 months backpacking around India and time spent in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.