The Complete System for Teaching ANY Language Online

Learn the secrets behind how to teach any language online from anywhere in the world.

An exclusive step-by-step system for easily teaching online

Start your own business and work on YOUR terms

This 100% video based online course is the complete programme designed for anyone who wants to quickly and easily learn how to share their passion for teaching with the world. The course will help you understand all of the technology, breakdown any of the barriers you may feel and provide you with all the tips and know how, for planning and delivering engaging language classes.

In each lesson, we explore and apply conceptual skills for communication and teaching, and coach you to craft and deliver more concise and clear lessons through digital mediums.

We hold your hand through each step of the process, from the very basics and minimal setup, right through to advanced setups and starting your own online business.

The How to teach languages online course is led by Andrew James Ambrosius Gibbney, who brings over 12-years’ business English coaching experience to the course. Andrew has been a teacher and teacher trainer and has worked running his own English language school since 2007. He is also the founder of The Art of Business English podcast series and has been teaching online for 5 years. He brings his wealth of knowledge to the course so that you can learn without making all of the typical mistakes

If you want a fast-track system without making all of the usual mistakes and wasting time and precious money then this course is 100% for you.

This outcomes-focused training is exclusively for individuals who want to take back control of their life and schedule and gain the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere in the world. 

The How to Teach Languages Online Programme

Imagine this... 

Having the confidence to effectively produce and deliver dynamic and engaging online language lessons to students from around the world, which capture their attention and hold their interest.

Imagine being able to have the freedom of working from anywhere around the world, setting your own schedule and creating somethings that is YOURS!

Imagine creating a niche for yourself and gaining a reputation for excellence in your specific knowledge area. That's right, you can specialise in any language skills area. Language skills for business, language skills for lawyers, doctors, sales people etc. The sky is the limit and people need professional language teachers to help them gain these skills. 

These are all possible by completing the How to teach languages online programme.

Who is this course for?

This interactive programme is designed for everyone who dreams of becoming an online language teacher, or for those who are already working in the industry but would like to branch out into the online space. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to start your own business to get more financial freedom, but you don't want to make a huge investment 
  • You want the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, so that you can enjoy a less stressful lifestyle
  • You want to take back control of your work-life balance and work on your terms and set your schedule 
  • You want to start a side business to earn some extra money without risking your full-time job
  • You are already working as a language teacher for a language school and are sick and tired of the lousy pay, terrible hours and temporary contracts
  • You want to invest your time and energy in creating something that is YOURS and not work for someone else
  • You want to generate a passive income source by selling online courses or eBooks

My course How to teach languages online is perfect for you. The best part about teaching online is that you can create your own niche. Imagine being able to draw on all of your past experience. Imagine being able to make a positive change in your work life without wasting all of your valuable business experience.

This short course, featuring highly engaging and clearly laid out video lessons and resources, focuses on preparing you to become an effective online language trainer. The key to delivering online training is having a workable system and being effectively prepared. 

More importantly, this course will reveal the secrets to becoming truly international. Think about it. You will now have the keys to working where you want, when you want and how you want. 

The online and distance learning sector is a massive growth area, which will only continue to grow year on year as people demand high quality education without the restrictions of geography. Many people now choose to live a freer life and this means they want flexibility for them and their families. Languages play a central role in our ability to live and operate in a truly globalized world and language teachers are highly sort after. 

On this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of teaching online now and into the future
  • Learn all of the pros and cons of the industry, don't make those mistakes, learn from mine
  • Learn about all the technology required for getting started quickly
  • Learn about advanced setups to help you stand out above the competition
  • Learn the secrets behind Learning Management Systems and which ones are right for you
  • Learn how to host your website or if using a market-place is right for you
  • Learn how to provide technical support and understand all of the typical problems your students will face
  • Be introduced to online course creation, and how you can host and sell your courses
  • Learn about approaches to teaching in an online format and how you can manage your classrooms
  • Learn how to plan and deliver online lessons
  •  Learn how to find clients and promote yourself as a professional online

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On the How to Teach Languages Online course you will benefit from:

On this programme you will be treated to more than 40 on-demand video lessons in 4 engaging modules. This course is designed to be highly actionable, short and straight to the point. You will only  learn the essential information to ensure that you can start as soon as possible and not waste your time on irrelevant tasks.

My philosophy has always been to offer short courses full of the most powerful content. Others will try and sell you a massive course that is almost impossible to finish, confusing and time consuming. This course is a blueprint, a guide and a step-by-step system to get you teaching and earning money in no time. 

Benefit from

42 professionally produced on-demand video lessons

This programme offers over 40 on-demand video lessons and additional downloadable resources

Get answers in our forum

If you have a questions then jump into the course forum where you will get feedback from me

Highly focused and specialised content

The course content is based on my years of trial and error. I have developed this system based on all the things that have worked for me

Learn from someone who has already done it

I have been a language teacher for 12 years and I run a successful language school. I have been teaching online for 5 years and also have a popular weekly podcast. 

Programme Schedule

This is what we will be covering on the course


Module one: Course introduction

In module one students learn about the importance of teaching online, its implications for the future. They also learn about the advantages and disadvantages to making the transition or starting out for the first time. 


Module Two: Tech and setup

Many people find the tech side of things a huge barrier to getting started. There are so many options and making the wrong choice often leads to wasted time and money. Most people just give up when things get too confusing. In module two we take a deep dive on the tech side and show you all the things you need to know to have a great online experience for both you and your students. 


Module Three: Approaches to teaching

Teaching languages online is very different to that of a traditional classroom. You will need to know all of the secrets and best practice if you want to run effective, engaging online classes that keep your customers coming back. In module three you will learn the secrets behind "flipping the classroom", how to manage students and their behaviour. Plus, I will teach you how to deal with road blocks and give you my tips on making your classes dynamic and inspiring. 


Module Four: How to plan and deliver online lessons

Planning is KEY! In this module you will discover how to teach the five skill areas for learning any language, all within an online context. I will show you how to plan out your lessons, guide your students, as well as teach them grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 


Bonus Module: Getting clients

Wait! I have a bonus module. You are going to need to find some clients now that you know how to teach them online. In this final module I will show you some techniques for acquiring students and some of the things you will need to consider when dealing with an international student base. 


It's bonus time! 

This course is exceptional value, but I am all about providing my students with the highest value. That is why when you purchase this course you will get instant access to these three amazing bonuses. 

Bonus 1
Getting clients

My programme not only teaches you how to setup, plan and deliver engaging online classes, it also shows you how to setup your own online business and get clients. 

This programme is designed to help you become financially independent and build something that is truly yours. 

Bonus 2
Members only forum access

When you sign up you get access to our members forum. You can ask questions, or share ideas with your fellow online language teachers. 

Get answers to your questions or share your epic online class content. This is a private space for students only and of course I will be there to help you too. 

Bonus 3
Discounted starter packages

Just by signing up you will become eligible for a discount on all out starter packages. Don't want the stress of setting up your own online store and website? We got you covered. We offer packages from basic, right up to advanced for any sized business. 

If you're a course member, you will get these packages at a hugely discounted price. 

Your Specialist Trainer:
Andrew Ambrosius

Andrew is the CEO and founder of the Art of Business English. With over 12 years of teaching experience and more than 20 years of international business experience having worked in Australia, the UK, Canada and Spain, he brings a wealth of knowledge that he shares weekly on the AOBE podcast.

Besides teaching and coaching native Spanish speakers in Business English, he is also passionate about mountain biking, sailing and healthy living. When He is not working, Andrew loves to spend time with his family and friends, travel and cook up a storm.

Here’s what people are saying about Andrew 

Joan Serra

"Andrew is a true professional"

Working with Andrew is a great experience. His knowledge and background make for interesting and useful lessons.

Arkaitz Pujana

"Amazing customer service"

Amazing customer service. Andrew goes above and beyond to help you learn and get the skills for success.

Jordi Ratera

"Knowledgeable in all areas"

I've been working with Andrew for over 3 years. He is an excellent business English coachHe is very knowledgeable on all areas of business English. 

Start earning money doing something you love

Stop thinking you don't have the knowledge to teach a language online. Your past experience is a blessing. In fact, the best language teachers are those who have worked in other areas of life. This can become your niche. 

Stop trying to “guess” what might work and wonder what you should be doing and get the proven system. Avoid the mistakes and start getting clients now! 

Regardless if you are just starting out, or you already work as a language teacher, this course is perfect to help you make the transition online.

This course offers LIFETIME ACCESS to the all on-demand video lessons and the COMPLETE programme.

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This includes lifetime access to the course and all the recordings, plus all the bonuses.

Bottom line is, if you want to successfully and confidently run online classes and start your own business then this is the system for you.

Eliminate the worry and stress.

Learn the proven system.

Enrol now and if you are still not 100% happy then I offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

The Complete Programme

$ 99.00


How to teach ANY language online

  • Lifetime access
  • Exclusive bonus content
  • Members only forum
  • 42 on-demand video lessons
  • 30-day money back guarantee
The Programme with Private Coaching

$ 299.00

+ Tax

Private coaching + the course

  • Everything in the course
  • 2 hours of online private coaching sessions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I know you will love this programme, but just in case you're not 100% happy all you need to do is email me or my team and we will happily refund your money, no questions asked. 

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