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​​Cambridge First Certificate in English (B2)

​​this course will provide you with the strategies and confidence to achieve one of the most prestigious English certifications in the world.

  • ​​Express yourself correctly in formal settings
  • ​​Show confidence in the use of English in real situations
  • ​​Get your worldwide recognized certificate

​​Cambridge ​Advanced Certificate in English (C1)

​​​​Perfect your English in only one hour per week with personalised online live coaching with native and highly qualified professionals

  • ​​Build confidence in using English in real life situations
  • ​​Understand people​ speaking English on radio or television programmes
  • ​​Maintain conversations in social, professional and academic contexts

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Cambridge Official Exam Preparation Courses

​Help you to achieve the score you need by improving your English skills

​Cambridge First Certificate in English (B2)
​Cambridge ​Advanced Certificate in English (C1)

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