​​Excellence in Email Writing

​​This course will help you to write excellent emails with ease and communicate effectively in your job with international suppliers, customers and colleagues.

​A course that is short, but full of all the most essential email writing knowledge you will ever need, giving you fast results and actionable tips.

​What you will learn

  • ​writing an email with ​your reader in mind
  • ​How to write an effective subject line
  • ​Getting people to open your email
  • ​Structuring ideas and clearly transmitting the key message
  • ​Make ​your emails look good and easy to read
  • ​Know how to use the correct level or formality
  • Effectively check ​your email to avoid embarrassing mistakes
  • ​learn the most common expressions used in business emails and more importantly, when to use them


​Finally ​Explained: The Complete System for ​Writing Highly Effective Business Emails

​If you want real, actionable business writing skills - if you want to escape the frustration and embarrassment of writing confusing and poorly worded emails  - then taking a fast-track email writing course specifically designed for native Spanish speakers is the way to go.

In fact, let’s get more specific: I want to show you how you can write, clear and concise emails that easily convey the ideas and formality required for working in English internationally.

You can copy from a list of fixed expressions and sentences, right? It’s doable. It doesn’t require a really high level of English and that is why my system will have you writing like a native in no time.

That’s the beauty of my course. It’s short, simple, straight to the point and designed specifically for native Spanish speakers. My step-by-step programme gets you writing effectively from start to finish.

​Course Content

​Module 1

​Module 2

​Module 3

​Module 4

​Module 5

​Module 6

​Module 7

​Module 8

​What our students say


I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.

Paula Perez - Student

Thank you so much for helping me to improve my Business English! I learnt a lot of techniques from your coaching event.

Jordi Pena - Student

If you want a wider view of Global Communication, The Art of Business English is one of the best ways to achieve it. Highly recommended!

Marta Ribera - Student