Upper-Intermediate (B2) General English Online Course

All our General English courses give students 12 months of unlimited access. Upon purchase of the course all you need to do is create an account on our learning platform and then our team will enroll you in your course. Most of our online courses take 3 to 4 months to complete. Upon completion you can request a certificate of completion.

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Created by Andrew Ambrosius

  • Language: English
  • Course duration: 8 - 10 weeks (includes lifetime access to all updates)
  • Effort: 4 - 5  hours a week (self-paced online learning)


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This course includes:

  • 12 Months access
  • Video lessons and explanations
  • Reading exercises
  • Grammar exercise
  • Listening & Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary and Pronunciation Practice
  • TED talk lessons to improve listening & oral comprehension
  • Certificate on completion

What you will learn

  • Feel confident taking part in group discussions and hold a conversation with native speakers
  • Easily understand reports, articles, reviews etc. about present-day issues
  • Confidently present an argument or information in writing
  • Gain sufficient knowledge of the language to describe people, places and processes. Express opinions and develop arguments using both basic structures and more complex forms
  • Learn to use a wide range of vocabulary for many topics like your job, goals etc.
  • Easily understand longer speech and the main points of discussions that are clearly expressed.


Whatever your English language learning objective is, our system will help you progress at the pace that you need to complete that objective. All you need is a mobile, tablet or computer, a little bit of time and the desire to learn.

Our online English language system is unique with engaging course material, based on real life examples, including TED talks, pronunciation training, varied text types and profiles of exciting innovators, companies and organizations making a difference.

Clear communicative aims of each lesson are linked to 21st century outcomes and will encourage you to respond to ideas and find your own voice.

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Paula Perez

I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.

Course Content

Unit 1: Using the Passive Voice

In unit one we introduce students to the Passive Voice with an interactive video based lesson. This unit also includes authentic listening exercises, a wide range of grammar exercises. A TED talk with accompanying exercises to improve your listening and vocabulary.

Unit one also includes a number of reading texts with exercises as well as vocabulary related to interests and tasks and finally exercises to improve pronunciation.

Unit 2: Future Tenses

In unit two we cover future tenses, from the Simple Present, Present Progressive, Will and Going to. Students learn through an engaging video lesson.

This module also includes a TED talk with related exercises, grammar activities, listening practice and both reading and vocabulary activities.

Finally, in the last part of the unit we cover essential skills for improving your pronunciation, such as elision and elided.

Unit 3: Present Perfect

In unit three we focus on both the Present Perfect & Present Perfect Progressive. The Present Perfect tense is explained via a video based lesson. There are also a wide range of grammar practice exercises, reading practice, listening quizzes, vocabulary training and pronunciation activities.

This unit also has an interesting TED talk and related exercises which help you to put into practice the unit grammar.

Unit 4: Narrative tenses

In this unit students view a detailed video lesson about how you can correctly use narrative tenses. You will learn how to be descriptive describing past events. This grammar is fundamental in helping you speak fluently on a wide range of both general and business English topics.

The grammar tenses covered in this unit include "used to" vs. "to be used to + Verb -ING", Past Perfect and "used to" vs. "would".

This unit is also supported by an engaging TED talk, grammar, reading listening, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.

Unit 5: Modal Verbs

Unit five covers more advanced grammar structures. Modal verbs, such as can, must, may might, should, could and past modal form, such as "could have gone", "may have been" and many more.

As with all units, this section is also supported by an engaging TED talk, grammar, reading listening, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises. All exercises are designed to use and activate modal verb forms.

Unit 6: Conditional tenses

Unit six focuses on improving your understanding of the zero, first and second conditional forms and their use in English. The module includes an interesting TED talk by Jill Shargaa called "Please, please, people. Let's put the 'awe' back in 'awesome'.

There are a wide range of reading, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary exercises.

Unit 7: Passive Voice

Unit seven introduces students to more advanced usage of the Passive Voice. We cover a wide range of exercises across all of the skills areas, from listening with a TED talk, to reading and grammar exercises.

This unit also includes skills to improve your pronunciation and a wide range or reading and vocabulary exercises.

Unit 8: Relative Clauses

In unit 8 on the course we explain to learners how to effectively use relative clauses. As with all aspects and units on this course we encourage listening comprehension skills through an engaging TED talk. We improve areas of grammar, reading, listening and pronunciation.

This unit also has an engaging video based lesson to activate listening and grammar skills.

Unit 9: Reported Speech

In unit 9 students are introduced to Reported Speech through an engaging video lesson. In his unit students will also work on personality adjectives, stress and meaning to improve pronunciation and listening, grammar and reading activities.

The unit also includes an interesting TED talk discussing the topic of creativity and doodling.

Unit 10: Third and Mixed Conditionals

In the final unit of this course we introduce students to both the Third and Mixed conditional grammar through an engaging video based lesson.

Students also practice their authentic listening skills and learn about grammatical chunks. This unit looks further into personality adjectives , tone and meaning for pronunciation and expressions such as "What if...?" and "Never again!".

There are also a wide range of reading and listening activities.

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Thank you so much for helping me to improve my Business English! I learnt a lot of techniques from your coaching classes.

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If you want a wider view of Global Communication, The Art of Business English is one of the best ways to achieve it. Highly recommended!

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I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.