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​​Pre-intermediate (A2) General English Online Course

​​Let us help you on the journey to learn English, feeling satisfied with yourself and being confident in situations where in the past you felt uncomfortable.

  • ​​​Easily talk about where you live, and compare it to other places
  • ​​Learn how to give opinions and speculate about the world around you
  • ​​Easily understand and give instructions to describe how something is done.

​Intermediate (B1) General English Online Course

​​​Our online course ​will help you on your journey to create a solid English foundation. Our course will allow you to improve and learn English in a meaningful way; Help you feel more confident and communicate smoothly with every passing day.

  • ​​Learn a wide range of vocabulary to communicate in everyday familiar situations
  • ​​​Learn how to ​initiate and maintain a simple face-to-face conversation on the topics that interest you.
  • ​​Learn how understand the main points of simple "standard" speech on familiar matters

​​​​​Upper-Intermediate (B2) General English Online Course

​This course is will help you reach a high level of English. TED talk based video lessons with hundreds of exercises to help you improve your vocabulary, reading, writing, pronunciation, and grammar ​knowledge.

  • ​​​Feel confident taking part in group discussions and hold a conversation with native speakers
  • ​​Easily understand reports, articles, reviews etc. about present-day issues
  • ​​Learn to use a wide range of vocabulary for many topics like your job, goals etc.

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Cambridge Official Exam Preparation Courses

​Designed to help you to ​prepare you for obtaining offical Cambridge English language certification

​Cambridge First Certificate in English (B2)
​Cambridge ​Advanced Certificate in English (C1)

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