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Excellence in Email Writing

This course will help you to write excellent emails with ease and communicate effectively in your job with international suppliers, customers and colleagues.

  • How to write an effective subject line
  • Structuring ideas and clearly transmitting the key message
  • Know how to use the correct level or formality

How to Engage People in Conversation

This video based course, with practice quizzes, helps English learners build confidence from the first step. I give you actionable and practical knowledge that you can start using at your next social event.

  • How to open a conversation
  • How to show interest in a conversation
  • How to listen effectively and keep a conversation going

Confidence in Business Meetings

This online course is designed to teach you how to prepare, run, manage and close a meeting effectively... all in English! You will learn all my secrets for effectively preparing and making sure you get your desired outcomes.

  • Understanding the importance of meetings
  • The role of meetings in business & cross-cultural aspects
  • What makes a successful meeting

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Cambridge First Certificate in English (B2)
Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (C1)

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