​​How to Engage People in Conversation

​With this course, I’m teaching my entire system that shows you how to engage people in conversation with confidence.This is the entire, workable system that I ​have been teaching for many years to get my students' the results they desire.

This video based course, with practice quizzes, helps English learners build confidence from the first step. I give you actionable and practical knowledge that you can start using at your next social event.

​What you will learn

  • ​Essential grammar for socialising, such as open vs. closed questions. Using interrogative pronouns, the Present Perfect and tag questions
  • ​How to open a conversation
  • ​How to listen effectively and keep a conversation going
  • ​How to show interest in a conversation
  • ​Learn the essential language and skill set for keeping a conversation going
  • ​Learn the best way to show the other person you are interested in the conversation
  • ​Understand how to make the correct responses to both positive and negative news
  • ​How to bring a conversation to a close


​​We cover everything you need to get it right and avoid all of the ​problems listed above. We cover:

  • ​Essential Grammar: Everything you need to know about forming questions, using tag questions and interrogative pronouns.
  • ​How to open a conversation: All the steps and advice to help you "break the ice" and get over the hardest part of any conversation.
  • ​How to improve you listening skills:  Everything you need to become a better listener and show empathy towards others.
  • How to keep a conversation going: All the tips and skills you need to maintain a conversation and make it easy for the other person to respond.
  • How to react to news: Everything you need to learn about making the correct response to the news that you receive.
  • How to close a conversation: Everything you need to know to help you bring a conversation to a comfortable close.

​Course Content

​Lesson One 

​Lesson Two

​Lesson Three

​Lesson ​Four

​Lesson ​Five

​Lesson ​Six

​Lesson ​Seven

​Lesson ​Eight

​Lesson ​Nine

​What our students say


I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.

Paula Perez - Student

Thank you so much for helping me to improve my Business English! I learnt a lot of techniques from your coaching event.

Jordi Pena - Student

If you want a wider view of Global Communication, The Art of Business English is one of the best ways to achieve it. Highly recommended!

Marta Ribera - Student