How to Engage People in Conversation

With this course, I’m teaching my entire system that shows you how to engage people in conversation with confidence.This is the entire, workable system that I have been teaching for many years to get my students' the results they desire.

This video based course, with practice quizzes, helps English learners build confidence from the first step. I give you actionable and practical knowledge that you can start using at your next social event.

What you will learn

  • Essential grammar for socialising, such as open vs. closed questions. Using interrogative pronouns, the Present Perfect and tag questions
  • How to open a conversation
  • How to listen effectively and keep a conversation going
  • How to show interest in a conversation
  • Learn the essential language and skill set for keeping a conversation going
  • Learn the best way to show the other person you are interested in the conversation
  • Understand how to make the correct responses to both positive and negative news
  • How to bring a conversation to a close


We cover everything you need to get it right and avoid all of the problems listed above. We cover:

  • Essential Grammar: Everything you need to know about forming questions, using tag questions and interrogative pronouns.
  • How to open a conversation: All the steps and advice to help you "break the ice" and get over the hardest part of any conversation.
  • How to improve you listening skills:  Everything you need to become a better listener and show empathy towards others.
  • How to keep a conversation going: All the tips and skills you need to maintain a conversation and make it easy for the other person to respond.
  • How to react to news: Everything you need to learn about making the correct response to the news that you receive.
  • How to close a conversation: Everything you need to know to help you bring a conversation to a comfortable close.

Course Content

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Lesson Two

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Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

Lesson Nine

What our students say


I have contact with foreign companies and it is very common I have to attend meetings with foreign people. So I have tried to improve my English by online courses. AOBE has helped me improve in my job.

Paula Perez - Student

Thank you so much for helping me to improve my Business English! I learnt a lot of techniques from your coaching classes.

Jordi Peña - Student

If you want a wider view of Global Communication, The Art of Business English is one of the best ways to achieve it. Highly recommended!

Marta Ribera - Student