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Hello! Welcome to The Art of Business English. In this episode, I'm excited to share my conversation with Arnau Camprubi, a former student of mine with an entrepreneurial spirit, who has found success in the dropshipping world at just 23. Our discussion is a compelling showcase of how proficiency in Business English can supercharge a career in commerce.

Join us as Arnau provides insights into the transformative impact of Business English on your career trajectory. We'll also explore the perspectives of the younger generation on life, career opportunities, and innovative work methodologies.

Watch the episode here

Arnau's path to success

Our conversation delves into Arnau's strategic educational choices and how they laid the foundation for his rapid rise in the competitive world of e-commerce, a testament to the weight of academic decisions in shaping future successes.

However, our discussion also touches on the way English helped Arnau find success, not just as a communication tool but as a key to unlocking potential. Arnau shares candid insights into how his journey with English began modestly in my language school and evolved into a steady companion that has proved invaluable in his work life.

How the New Generation Thinks in Life and Business

In an insightful segment of our conversation, Arnau Camprubi offers a window into the mindset of the new generation, both in life and in business. His reflections provide a unique perspective on how the up-and-coming entrepreneurs are shifting paradigms and setting new precedents in the corporate world.

Drawing on his own experiences and those of his peers, Arnau describes how his generation views the traditional nine-to-five job, work-life balance, purpose-driven careers, and the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

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Arnau's journey underscores a profound message for aspiring professionals: embracing Business English is not merely about engaging in transactions; it is about expanding horizons and tapping into a world of opportunities previously unimagined. It's about equipping oneself with the skills to not only participate but also lead in a marketplace that is increasingly diverse, fast-moving, and interconnected.

As we wrap up this episode with Arnau Camprubi, I want to give him a big shout out for taking us through how today's youth see the world and for sharing his own ride with Business English.

Whether you're just starting out, still getting the hang of English, or you've been in the biz for ages, I bet there's a nugget or two of wisdom in Arnau’s story for you.

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Andrew is the CEO and founder of the Art of Business English. Besides teaching and coaching native Spanish speakers in Business English, he is also passionate about mountain biking, sailing and healthy living. When He is not working, Andrew loves to spend time with his family and friends.

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