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Top three things to know when doing business in Australia

This week we are broadcasting all the way from Perth Western Australia. Once again, I invite Jamie Henderson back on to the podcast as we offer an informal interview into the top three things you should know when doing business in Australia. 

As you may know, Jamie has worked for the department of trade and knows all the typical things that you might want to know if you are thinking about starting to do business with us Australians. 

I'm sure you will find this episode insightful and useful. 

Expressions from the interview

  • To bring in the new year
  • To drop in and visit someone
  • To do business
  • To take a relaxed approach to something
  • Where the relationship might go
  • To think something through
  • To pop in
  • How to structure your approach to entry
  • To stand a chance of doing something
  • To bring a can-do attitude
  • To come across
  • To be on point
  • To be laid-back
  • To fluff about

Snippets from the interview

I think an important thing with any engagement with businesses from another country is looking at the customs that are associated with that country and trying to approach the people that you want to meet with or engage with appropriately

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in Australia, we're quite a relaxed country... I think you can take a more relaxed approach to how you engage. I think customs are things like a handshake. If you're creating the engagement, then offering to pay for the coffee or to buy them lunch is also key

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In Australia, a big custom, I guess, is to go for coffee. So often your first engagement might be, "Let's meet for coffee and get to know each other and have a chat

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our second tip around doing business in Australia is around building relationships. They're very important to Australians, to over time develop and strengthen the relationship and build that trust. Australians are naturally quite trusting

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Final thoughts

I hope you have found this interview really insightful. Be sure to join the AOBE community so that you can grab a free download of the transcript.

If you have any questions regarding doing business in Australia then please feel free to leave a comment below. Conversely, if you have done business in Australia then feel free to share your experience with us.

Have a great start to the year!

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