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082 Pronunciation tips for prepositions after verbs adjectives and nouns

In episode 82 we look at some useful tips on how you can improve your pronunciation of verb, noun, adjective and preposition combinations. Today you will not only learn some common and useful verb, noun, adjective and prepositions combinations, but you will also learn how we change the pronunciation of the endings to help merge the […]

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072 Ask Andrew get answers pronunciation skills

​In part two of the mini-series “Ask Andrew, get answers”, Andrew shares with us some tips on how to improve our pronunciation and sound more native. If you haven’t heard of the “schwa” then you really need to pay attention to this episode as it will be a “light bulb” moment in your understanding of how […]

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052 Happy 1 Year Birthday and All of Your Questions Answered

052 Happy 1 Year Birthday and All of Your Questions AnsweredThe Art of Business English Turns One!​Hi everyone and welcome to episode 52 of the Art of Business English. My name is Andrew Ambrosius and I’m very happy today because it is our one year anniversary here at the Art of Business English podcast.So today, […]

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