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In episode 82 we look at some useful tips on how you can improve your pronunciation of verb, noun, adjective and preposition combinations.

Today you will not only learn some common and useful verb, noun, adjective and prepositions combinations, but you will also learn how we change the pronunciation of the endings to help merge the words with the relevant preposition. 

This episode is super insightful and extremely useful if you are interested in improving your English pronunciation. If you want to sound like a native then you won't want to miss it. 

Watch the episode below

To be interested in

"I am interested in contemporary art."

This is an adjective + in combinations

To share something with someone

"Would you like me to share my sandwich with you?"

This is a verb + with combination

To be impressed with/by

"I am really impressed with the quality of the new employee."

This is an adjective + with/by combination

To learn about something

"I have been learning about the effects of human activity on the planet."

This is a verb + about combinations

To warn somebody about

"Did you warn Mark about the difficult customer before the meeting? "

This is a verb + about combinations

To be good/bad at something

"I am not very good at tennis, I much prefer basketball."

This is an adjective + at combinations

To have experience of something

"Do you have much experience of working with this company?"

This is a noun + of combination.

To be worried about

"John is really worried about the possibility of another economic downturn."

This is a adjective + about combination

To shout at

"Shouting at your staff is not the best way to motivate them!"

This is an adjective + about combination

Final thoughts

There are my tips on how to pronounce prepositions after different verbs, nouns and adjectives. If you want to hear the vocabulary, read the transcript and practice  your pronunciation then make sure you register with the Art of Business English. 

You can also check out my video on this topic below. Don't forget to purchase our eBook with 500 business collocations where you can practice all of the expressions. The eBook includes the pronunciation of all the expressions. Grab your copy below. 

Business Idioms

This six module course helps English language learners build their knowledge of business idioms and their understanding of them in different business scenarios.

We cover idioms for marketing, finance, behaviour, operations and production, manegament and planning.

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