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2020 road map

​2020 Road map and exciting news ​It’s the start of a new year and a new decade and as one does, I too have been undertaking some planning and outlining the way forward with The Art of Business English into the new year.  ​ ​After much thought and careful planning I can now share you the 2020 roadmap […]

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Top three things to know when doing business in Australia

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 ​Top three things to know when doing business in Australia This week we are broadcasting all the way from Perth Western Australia. Once again, I invite Jamie Henderson back on to the podcast as we offer an informal interview into the top three things you should know when doing business in Australia.  ​ ​As you […]

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episode 101

Ten expression with right

Ten expressions with “right” In this week’s episode of the Art of Business English I have got ten expressions with the word “right” to share with you. These 10 expressions are very common and can be applied to your every day business life. I am sure you have all hear do the expression “right on time”. […]

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What not to do at a staff Christmas party

What not to do at a staff Christmas party Staff Christmas parties can get pretty crazy. I’ve been to a couple in my years and some of them maybe got a little bit out of hand. With that in mind I thought that I would put together an episode for you this Christmas period and talk […]

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Clarifying summarising and closing a meeting

Clarifying, Summarising & Closing a Meeting This week we are coming to the end of our series on participating in meetings. I hope you have enjoyed the series over the last few weeks.  ​ Firstly, today we are going to be looking at how to clarify, summarise and close a meeting. I have put together a list of […]

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Formal vocabulary for business meetings

Formal vocabulary to use in a meeting Hello there. Do you want to sound more formal in your next business meeting? Do you get confused knowing when you need to use more formal expressions? Do you often wonder what type of expressions you should use and how to and when to use them?  ​ Firstly, If you have […]

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Making suggestions and proposals in a meeting

Making Suggestions and Proposals in Business Meetings ​Welcome back to the Art of Business English, where we are looking in detail at meetings and how you can better performance and participate.   If you have just joined us then I encourage you to go back and review our previous episodes on this topic.   Today, I have some more very […]

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Asking questions and showing interest in a meeting

Asking questions and showing interest in a meeting If you have been listening to the podcast for the past couple of weeks you will know that we are working on improving our confidence in meetings and our ability to actively participate in meetings. Once you have opened the meeting and given your first opinion on a […]

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Expressions for giving an opinion in meetings

Expressions for giving an opinion in meetings Participating in a meeting can seem like a pretty scary thing to do, especially if you are not a native English speaker. Sometimes you are asked to give your opinion on a range of topics, and this can cause some people to freeze, mumble or speak quickly making no […]

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Formal and informal expressions for opening a meeting

​Formal and Informal Expressions for Opening a Meeting If you are new to running meetings or if you are looking for some more expressions to help you better open a meeting in English, then today I have got you covered. ​ Running a meeting can be difficult, especially so if English is not your native language. If you […]

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