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Business English Expressions Online Course


Business English Expressions Online Course

Do you need to speak English at work?

Are you tired of using the same vocabulary and not being able to express yourself clearly?

Would you like to learn new vocabulary specifically for business and impress your colleagues and work mates?

Well, I have got just what you are looking for.

On my course “Business Expressions” I deliver 14 engaging lessons packed with useful vocabulary that you can start to use at work.

The course divides the vocabulary into useful business topic areas such as:

  • Collocations and idioms
  • Persuasive expressions for negotiating
  • Collocations for plans and decision making
  • Idioms for negotiating
  • Business collocations with “make” and “do”
  • Business collocations with “take”
  • Adjective to noun collocations for business
  • Verb to noun collocations for business
  • “Cool” words for now, to impress your colleagues
  • Expressions for talking about failure
  • How to talk about profitability
  • Ten expressions for speculating
  • Weak vs strong collocations
  • Inspirational collocations to motivate


In each lesson you will learn the meaning of each expressions, and how you can use the expressions in the correct context.

You will also learn how to pronounce the words correctly so that you sound more native.

If that is not all, you can also practice the correct use of the expressions with the lesson quizzes to help you learn and use the expressions correctly.

So if you want to sound more confident and more fluent speaking English at work, then enrol in my “Business Expressions” online course now.