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February 19, 2019

066 How to make polite requests

​066 How to make polite requests

How to make and respond to polite requests

It’s important to be polite when you ask for something.

You can make a request by using:

  • can you …?
  • could you …?
  • will you …?
  • would you mind …?

Here are some examples of how to make a request. 

Can you
Will you
Could you possibly
open the door for me, please?
would you mind
opening the door for me ?


Making Request:

  • Can you show me your photo album, please?
  • Will you lend me your book, please?
  • Could you possibly show me the way to the post office, please?
  • Would you help me with this exercise, please?
  • Would you mind lending me your pen, please? 

Responding to request:

  • Sure here you are.
  • Okay.
  • No, I’m sorry I need it
  • I’m afraid I can’t. 

Things to remember about making a request:

  1. "Would you mind..." is followed by a gerund (verb+ing)
    Example:"Would you mind lending me your book? "
  2. The response to the following request:


A: "Would you mind giving me your book? "


is either

  • "No, I don't mind."(which is a positive response to the request. It means that I accept to lend you my book)
  • or "Yes." (which is a negative response to the request. It means that I don't want to lend you my book.)


  1. Could is more polite than can.


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