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15 Expressions everyone should know

Are you learning English and sometimes wonder what are some essential expressions that you should know? Maybe you have an intermediate level of English and wonder what are some expressions you should know at this level.

Well, today I have put together a list of 15 useful expressions that everyone should know. They are specifically for people with a B1 or intermediate level of English.

In this episode I will share the expression with you and then give you the definition as well as an example sentence. You can also check out the Spanish translation below.

Let’s take a look at 15 expressions everyone should know.

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As soon as

Definition: Immediately

“As soon as we land, we will take a taxi to the hotel"

Pay attention to

Definition: note or notice

“You should really pay attention to your customers’ needs if you want to be successful.”

Can’t believe my eyes

Definition: disbelief in what I am seeing

“When I saw the CEO shouting at all the other board members, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyone was so uncomfortable.”

Take advantage of

Definition: profit from

“We really need to take advantage of this lovely weather and go for a walk outside.”

To be dying for

Definition: To desire

“I am dying for an ice-cold can of coke because it's so hot today.”

To do by mistake/accident

Definition: accidently

“I sent the customer the wrong order by mistake. I will need to call them and sort it out.”

Drag and drop

Definition: move with a mouse on a PC

“To complete this exercise, you need to drag and drop the correct word into the space in the text."

Make/pull a face

Definition: make a strange expression on your face

“When I told my boss, I was taking 3 days personal leave, he pulled a face and left the room.”

Have something done (cleaned/fixed etc)

Definition: Get a service completed by a professional

“We are having the house painted at the moment.”

Can’t help + gerund

Definition: inevitable

“I can’t help thinking that this is a bad idea. We should reconsider the terms of the agreement.”

Help yourself to

Definition: take something

“I couldn’t believe it, John just helped himself to all the food in the fridge without even asking."

Keep in touch

Definition: maintain contact

“Keep in touch while you are away for the next few weeks.

Make up your mind

Definition: Decide

“I hate people who can’t make up their mind because it's very frustrating."

Do on purpose

Definition: Intentionally

“You stepped on my foot on purpose. Why would you do that?”

Can’t stand

Definition: Dislike

“I can’t stand the cold weather.”

Spanish translation

Now that you understand everything in context in English. Let me help those of you who speak Spanish, by giving you the Spanish translation.



As soon as

Tan pronto como

Pay attention to

Prestar atención a

Can’t believe my eyes

No me lo creo

Take advantage of


To be dying for

Me muero de ganas

To do by accident

Hacer sin querer

Drag and drop

Arrastrar y soltar

Pull a face

Poner cara

Have something done

Tener algo hecho

Can’t help

No poder evitar

Help yourself to

Servirse uno mismo

Keep in touch

Mantener el contacto

Make up your mind


Do on purpose

Hacer algo a propósito

Can’t stand

No soportar

Final thoughts

Concluding today, if you are in the process of learning English then this list of 15 expressions are a great place to start. They are very commonly used and easy to understand in context and put into practice.

Let me know what you think. Are there any expressions that you would add?

Well, that is it from me on this week’s episode. See you all next.

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Andrew is the CEO and founder of the Art of Business English. Besides teaching and coaching native Spanish speakers in Business English, he is also passionate about mountain biking, sailing and healthy living. When He is not working, Andrew loves to spend time with his family and friends.

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