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Six expressions for your next information sharing meeting

Information sharing meetings are one of the most common types of meetings that you are likely to be required to attend. In many cases information sharing meetings involve participants sitting passively, while listening to someone present.

In most cases companies should try and encourage these types of meetings to be more interactive and thus more engaging. This increases the overall satisfaction of the participants and can lead to more ideas and more engagement.

If you are required to participate in an information sharing meeting, or if you are the person who is required to present and give some information on a topic, then take a look at the list of expressions below.

Today, I am going to give you the expression, the definition and an example sentence for context. At the end of the page you will find the Spanish translation to further help with your understanding.

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Expressions for information sharing

Upcoming changes

Definition: future modifications or revisions

“Welcome everyone, today I am here to discuss some upcoming changes to the employee bonus system."

New product launch

Definition: The release of a new product to the market

“Hello everyone, we are hear today to outline the marketing campaign for the upcoming new product launch.”

In depth knowledge of

Definition: Detailed or extensive knowledge of something

“The board has asked me to give you a presentation on this topic as I have in depth knowledge with over 20 years of experience in the sector.”

Out of the blue

Definition: to happen suddenly and without warning

“It is essential that we conduct on-going competitor research as we don’t want them to get a competitive advantage by launching a superior product out of the blue."

I’d be grateful if you could

Definition: To appreciate

“I have some very important information to share with you all today and as such, I would be grateful if you could all give me your undivided attention for the next 30 minutes.”

Run into trouble

Definition: To experience difficulties or problems

“Unfortunately, the company has run into some financial troubles and will need additional funding if it is to survive.”

Well, there you have it, six expressions that you can easily use in your next information sharing meeting.

Let’s take a look now at the Spanish translation.

Spanish translation

Below you will find the Spanish translation for those of you who are native Spanish speakers.



Upcoming changes

Próximos cambios

New product launch

Lanzamiento de un nuevo producto

In depth knowledge of

Un conocimiento profundo de

Out of the blue

De la nada

I’d be grateful if you could

Le agradecería si pudiera

Run into trouble

Tropezarse con problemas

Final thoughts

Finishing things up for today my last piece of advice is to take a note of these six expressions and try and categorise them according to the style of your next meeting. For example, if you know that you are going to be talking about some changes in your team or organisation, then you can easily use the expression “upcoming changes”.

Please send me your expressions, are there any expressions that you like to use in your information sharing meetings? Let me know by commenting below.

That is it from me, I will see you all next week on The Art of Business English.

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