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How to avoid the most common mistakes in English



Enroll to finally learn how to stop making 30 of the most common mistakes in English!

Join now for:

  1. Video based course of the 30 most common mistakes made in the English language
  2. Learn how to avoid them (especially if you're a native Spanish speaker)
  3. Interactive quizzes to put into practice what you have learnt
  4. Detailed explanations and reasons why people make these mistakes

This course is for you if:

  • You want fluent spoken English
  • You want to quickly learn the mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Understand what typical mistakes make you sound less native
  • Never be confused in English conversation

Course Content

  • Depends on
  • Near/Close to
  • Thinking of/about
  • Suggest
  • Make
  • Throw
  • Usually
  • Everyday/all day
  • Child/Children
  • Child/Children
  • Think/Thing
  • Collocations with Do
  • To agree
  • On the one hand
  • Despite/in spite of
  • Arrive at/in
  • Which/who
  • Interrogative pronouns
    and auxiliary verbs
  • Expressing purpose with “to”
  • Using “to” after must or can
  • Not using –ing after specific verbs
  • Miss use of the Saxon genitive
  • Forgetting subjects
  • Confusing possesive pronouns
  • Pronunciation of the simple past
  • Actually/Currently
  • Forgeting “s” in third person singular
  • Confusing to stay with to be
  • Using double negatives
  • For/during