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151 Idioms for satisfaction and dissatisfaction

Hi again, and welcome to The Art of Business English podcast.

This week I have a lesson on idioms for talking about satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 

Some of these expressions can be a little informal, so make sure you are careful to use them in the correct context. 

Let's take a look.

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Idioms for satisfaction 

To feel a glow of happiness

Meaning: To feel delighted and content

Example: The newlyweds are so cute—they really seem to be feeling a glow of happiness.

To be a happy camper

Meaning: a happy or satisfied person

Example: John was one happy camper after hearing about his promotion.

To jump for joy

Meaning: to be ecstatically happy

Example: Alba was jumping for joy when she heard that her proposal was accepted by the board of directors.

Grin from ear to ear

Meaning: to smile happily

Example: On hearing the good news, Erin was grinning from ear to ear.

Having a whale of a time

Meaning: A very enjoyable experience

Example: The whole team had a whale of a time at the annual Christmas party.

Idioms for dissatisfaction

Down in the doldrums/dumps

Meaning: to be feeling very sad or unhappy

Example: After having his application rejected Mark has been down in the dumps.

To have the blues

Meaning: o be feeling sad or depressed

Example: Oh dear, Chris really has the blues after his girlfriend dumped him.

To be bummed out

Meaning: Feeling depressed or sad about an issue

Example: The whole team is really bummed out by the latest financial results.

To be in a huff

Meaning: to be upset or angry about something

Example: The boss is in a huff. Don’t go near her office, she might shout at you.

To be bent out of shape

Meaning: upset, angry, insulted, or annoyed

Example: Ryan got bent out of shape when his marketing plan was criticised by the boss.

Final thoughts

I hope you found these idioms useful in helping you expand your knowledge of English. Please comment below and feel free to add any additional expressions to my list that you may know or use.

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