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March 3, 2020

How to travel around the world

How to travel around the world

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? Do you want to work in a foreign country and learn about new cultures? Does the idea of only working a couple of hours a day sound attractive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are going to have to check out my episode today. 

In episode 110 I am sharing with you my tips on how to become a digital nomad and live and work abroad as a remote worker. 

Make sure you take a look at some reading resources I have left for you at the end of this post. They will help you get off to a good start. I have also put the links to three sites you can use to start making money as a remote worker. 

Watch the episode here

Final thoughts

It may seem like a scary thing to do, but saving up and leaving your life behind for a year can be one of the most enriching and exciting experiences of your life.

I'm sure you will find that it is not as difficult as you think, it just requires some planning, discipline for saving up and a willingness to leave your comfort zone and head into the unknown.

Check out the resources below, and good luck with your next adventure.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to comment below.

Grab a copy of the 4-hour work week

Links to freelancing websites

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How to keep a conversation going?

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Andrew is the CEO and founder of the Art of Business English. Besides teaching and coaching native Spanish speakers in Business English, he is also passionate about mountain biking, sailing and healthy living. When He is not working, Andrew loves to spend time with his family and friends.

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