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Confidence in Business Meetings



A Step-By-Step Guide to Using English Confidently in Your Next Business Meetings

Do you experience anxiety when you need to attend a meeting that’s conducted in English? Perhaps you feel frustrated when you can’t clearly express yourself. Maybe you find yourself keeping quiet and inhibited, hoping that you won’t be called upon to answer any questions.
If you’d like to learn how to confidently participate in meetings in English, therefore leading to positive outcomes and more business for you and your company, then we have the solution for you.

What You’ll Learn

This course covers all the essential elements to mastering business meetings in English, including:

  • The importance of meetings and their role in business
  • Cross-cultural considerations
  • What makes a successful meeting
  • How to establish aims (starting with the end in mind)
  • How to effectively prepare your meeting for the best results
  • How to prepare an agenda geared for success
  • How to effectively participate using your native language
  • How and when to use formal and information expressions
  • Expressions for agreeing, disagreeing, clarifying, giving opinions and many other scenarios
  • How to chair or lead a meeting and get results
  • How to deal with problems
  • How to summarize and bring a meeting to a successful close

and much more!


The importance of meetings in international business cannot be understated. A lot of us spend a large part of our day in meetings. Successful meetings lead to increased productivity, more customers and better business management.

Effectively participating in meetings is an essential skill for success. But what if you lack the necessary English skills to participate? What if you feel shy, awkward or embarrassed when you need to present or participate in a meeting? This roadblock in confidence can hold you back in your career and personal growth.

So, what can you do to improve your English and successfully participate in, or even run, a business meeting?

You need to learn the best practices for effective meetings, as well as the essential language skills required to participate confidently.

In other words, you need a map — a step-by-step system showing you what language to use and in which stages of a meeting to use it.

That’s precisely what you get with the "Confidence in Business Meetings" online course — I teach you how to conduct effective meetings and give you the specific language needed for them.

What’s In the "Confidence in Business Meetings" Online Course?

This online course is designed to teach you how to prepare, run, manage and close a meeting effectively — all in English.

You’ll learn my secrets to successful preparation and conducting a meeting to get your desired results. You’ll also get all the language you need to participate in the different stages of a meeting. Plus, there are two bonus lessons on how to evaluate the effectiveness of your meetings and how to best follow up with participants.

Sign up to build your confidence in business meetings in English today!