056 How to build a persuasive sales pitch

056 How to build a persuasive sales pitch

How to build a persuasive sales pitch


Hello and welcome to another insightful episode of the Art of Business English. Today, you are in for a treat. I am going to give you 5 steps to building a persuasive sales pitch and how you can confidently pitch your product or service in your next sales presentation or meeting.


If you are one of those people who finds it hard to pitch a client, then this episode is for you. The best thing about these 5 steps is that you can use them online as well when you are writing your sales copy for your online products or services.


Let’s take a look at what we are going to cover today. Basically, I am going to give you a quick overview of the 5-step process to create a compelling sales argument. I will try and provide you with some examples so that you can apply them to your specific sales document or presentation. The episode will look at:


  1. Your introduction
  2. Developing your story
  3. Providing content
  4. Transitioning to the pitch
  5. The sales pitch.


OK, let’s kick things off with your introduction.


Crafting your introduction


Right, the first thing that you need to do is answer the following question. “What is in it for me?”. However, wait a minute. Andrew that is easy, I want to sell me. Well, yes, but we need to change our perspective completely, do a 180. You need to be asking yourself this question from the perspective of your audience or potential customer. Let me make one thing crystal clear. Nobody and I mean nobody is going to give you more of their precious time unless they can see straight away that there is some benefit for them.


So, the introduction needs to capture the person’s attention and communicate straightaway to them that there is some benefit. If you don’t establish this in the beginning the person will switch off and you won’t make the sale.


If you are doing this in person, then you can use some of the techniques we teach on the Powerful Presentations programme. Let me give you a quick example.


“Today I am going to show you how to develop a compelling sales argument that will capture more clients and lead to more sales.”


Straightaway I have your attention, especially if you are my target audience, business owners. Any business owner would love to learn strategies for have more convincing sales arguments, capture more clients and generate more sales.


So, I have your attention, right?


Now, what if we are not presenting in person, well, in this scenario, if we are writing sales copy for, let’s say, a website we could need to provide a very strong headline. To do this we can use one of the following techniques:


Shock: Did you know that eating fish could actually be killing you?

Surprising fact: Did you know the average woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet?

Controversial opinion: Public discourse is dead!

A problem: Imagine you lost your job tomorrow. How would you pay the bills?


We could modify these presentation hooks if we were writing headlines for online sales copy.


For example. “Eating fish is killing you.”


So, the point here, is to create a strong reason for the person to continue listening. Remember, the introduction must be aligned with your target audience and what they are looking for. Obviously, we want o to use our hook to capture the attention of people who are only interested in our product.

Final thoughts


Well, there you have it my friends a quick run through of a 5-step sales argument process that you can use both online and offline in your next sales presentation, meeting or sales page.


As always please send me your comments and feedback on this episode and let me know if there is anything that I can clarify for you. Christmas is just around the corner so please if you do have any Christmas wishes for your business English then let me know.


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That’s all from me for another week, until next week take care and by for now.




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