051 How to sound more polite when at a hotel on business

How to sound more polite when at a hotel

Hello everyone, Andre Ambrosius here for another episode of the Art of Business English. This week I want to share with you some expressions you can use when you are on a business trip, specifically related to hotels.


If you need to travel often and you struggle or feel uncomfortable when you need to do things at the hotel, then you will find today’s episode very helpful. In this episode I am going to be looking at some useful vocabulary and expressions. Then I am going to give you an overview of how we can use polite expressions when making requests.


In today’s episode I will be covering:


  1. General hotel vocabulary and expressions
  2. The theory behind making polite request
  3. Vocabulary and expressions at check in
  4. Typical questions once you have arrived
  5. How to make polite requests


So, lets get straight into it.




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