045 Business collocations for talking about success

Business collocation for success

Hey everyone, it’s great to have you back at the Art of Business English podcast, for episode 45, wow, I can’t believe we are almost at 52 episodes, which will mark our 1-year anniversary. As always t is a pleasure having you join me, and I am really honoured to be able to help you.

I love hearing from you and I really love answering your questions and helping clarify whatever you find confusing. So, please when you listen to this week’s episode send me an email straight away and let me know what questions you would love answered. I will be dedicating some future episodes to directly answering those questions, so send them through.

Right, let’s get started with this week’s material. Some of you have been replying to my emails and asking for more vocabulary and expressions, so with this in mind and to better serve you, I have developed another episode on useful collocations.

This week we are going to be looking at business collocations for talking about success. We will be looking at language you can use to motivate your team as well as warn them if they are not pulling their weight.

This week I have divided the episode into four main parts. We will be looking at the following:

  1. What is a weak vs a strong collocation
  2. Inspirational business collocations for success
  3. Using reverse psychology for motivation
  4. Some sample sentences in use

Ok, let’s get started by looking at the difference between weak and strong collocations.



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