040 How to build the body of a presentation


Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of The Art of Business English. This week we are going to continue with our mini-series on presentation skills. Today I want to cover how to develop the body of your presentation and cover some essential language to help you confidently move through the delivery of your presentation.

If you’re the type of person who struggles with confidently delivering an effective presentation in English, then this episode will arm you with the tools you need to present like a champion. If you haven’t taken a look at episode 39 on how to open a presentation, then I encourage you to do that. There is some very important information that will help you to better develop this stage of your presentation.

In today’s episode I will be covering the following:

  1. Key elements to a successful presentation body
  2. Expressions to help you have a more fluid and controlled presentation
  3. A short example of how we can bring the language together to create a clear and concise body

OK, let’s get started by looking at the necessary elements.





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