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July 11, 2018

034 How to find your place in the world and other life tips

034 How to find your place in the world and other life tips

I hope you’re having a great week and it’s wonderful to have you back for another episode of The Art of Business English. I have just returned from two amazing weekends away. Last weekend I was in Berlin attending a music festival and the weekend before I was in Paris catching up with old friends. While I was in Paris I managed to interview a fantastic friend of mine Alison Meston, who shared her experience with finding her identity and living abroad. 

Alison is Australian, however she is the daughter of Scottish immigrants and today she shares with us her experience growing up in Australia as an immigrant child, her return to Scotland to find her identity and finally her move to Paris where she has lived for the past decade. 

She also shares with us her experience leaning a foreign language and offers some tips on how people can improve their English. 

How to Engage People in Conversation

How to keep a conversation going?

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So sit back and relax and get ready to enjoy an entertaining and personal interview here at the AOBE.

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Andrew is the CEO and founder of the Art of Business English. Besides teaching and coaching native Spanish speakers in Business English, he is also passionate about mountain biking, sailing and healthy living. When He is not working, Andrew loves to spend time with his family and friends.

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