August 1, 2019

AOBE summer series episode 4

​Thanks for joining me again for the final episode of the AOBE 2019 summer series. In episode 4 we look back at 3 more of the most popular episodes of all time.

​In episode 4 we are going to revisit the following three epic AOBE episodes:

  • 07​2 How to improve your pronunciation
  • ​066 How to make polite requests
  • 06​1 Common adjectives with prepositions

​If you want to sound like a native then you are going to love episode 72, where I cover some simple, yet powerful tips on how to improve your pronunciation. 

Next, in episode 66, we cover the importance of good manners in English and how you can use polite language to make requests. By sounding more polite you are more likely to get your requests met.

Finally, in episode 61, I cover the importance of structure, structure, structure. So, as you can see, some really useful and well rounded skills for you to revisit or experience for the first time. Enjoy.

​Remember, if you would like to watch each episode then you can check them out on YouTube here:

​I hope you have enjoyed the AOBE 2019 summer series. It has been great to see the response from everyone. I will be taking a little break now over the summer, but we will be back with more in September of 2019. 

I hope you all have a great summer and stay posted for all my news and blog posts that I will be releasing this summer.

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