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12 phrasal verbs and collocations used in socialising

This week on the AOBE podcast I have put together a list of 12 Phrasal verbs and collocations used in socialising. These collocations are commonly used in informal contexts when you are meeting friends or arranging to meet people.

In this lesson you are going to learn the expression, the meaning and then how to use them.

If you have any questions or would like to add yours to the list, then why don’t you send me a message on speakpipe below or drop me a comment.

Let’s take a look 

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To catch up

Meaning: to have a chat with someone and inform them of all the things that have been happening in your life recently.

Example: I caught up with John last week and he explained his recent breakup with his girlfriend.

Meet up

Meaning: to see another person or group in order to discuss something.

Example: Departmental managers meet up once a month to discuss their concerns.

Tag along

Meaning: to go somewhere with someone else although you are not needed.

Example: When Kevin goes on a business trip, his family often tag along.

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Drop in

Meaning: to come for a visit without having received an invitation for a specific time.

Example: I just dropped in to tell you about the meeting on Wednesday.

Band together

Meaning: to come together as a group in order to achieve something.

Example: We decided to band together and all pay for a birthday present for our new employee.

Get in with

Meaning: to befriend someone who can help you.

Example: I tried to get in with them as I thought it would help me influence the decision making process.

Get in touch

Meaning: to initiate contact with someone.

Example: If you have a general interest in the exploitation of wind energy please get in touch with us.

Get hold of

Meaning: to manage to talk to someone, on the telephone or directly.

Example: Can you get hold of Stanley and tell him the meeting’s postponed?

Keep in the loop

Meaning: to keep someone informed about and/or involved in something, such as a plan or project, especially that which involves or pertains to a specific group.

Example: I won’t be on the office on Monday but keep me in the loop on this project by email.

Touch base

Meaning: to communicate with someone that you have not seen for some time in order to find out how they are, what is happening, etc.

Example: I’ll call her next week just to touch base.

Put in touch

Meaning: in or into communication.

Example: Don’t worry, when you get to Milan, I will put you in touch with my Italian friends. They will show you a good time.

Make contact

Meaning: communicate with (someone), typically in order to give or receive information.

Example: If for any reason we are unable to send you the proposed itinerary, we will make contact with you to let you know.

Final thoughts

Now you know 12 new phrases and collocations to use when socialising!

If you're interested in learning more collocations and expressions you can enrol in our course "Business Idioms" below or grab a copy of our eBook entitles "500 Business English Collocations for Everyday Use". 

Don’t miss more free episodes of The Art of Business English next week.

Till then, take care.

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