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Expressions with point for your next business meeting

Welcome back to another very special episode of the Art of Business English. If you need to participate in meetings, then you are going to love today’s material.

The main goal today is to teach you ten expressions for your next business meeting that all contain the word “point”. You would be surprised how important this word is to expressing ideas in meetings and how often we use it.

In this episode I will share the expression with you, then explain the meaning and finally conclude by giving you an example to help you put it in context.

I hope you see the point of today’s episode and if you find this useful, then please share it with your friends and contacts.

Let’s jump in and kick this off. 

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Stick to the point

Meaning: Talk about the matter in hand

Example: I really wish you would stick to the point. This is not relevant to this agenda item.

To wander off the point

Meaning: To become vague; to lose the main argument/direction of the discussion

Example: My boss is the creative type, so she often wanders off the point and it can be hard to follow her.

To miss the point

Meaning: To fail to understand or appreciate something.

Example: John completely missed the point of yesterday’s meeting. Why doesn’t he ever get what is going on around him?

To make a/one’s point

Meaning: To state or explain clearly one`s argument or idea.

Example: OK, I think you have made your point clear to everyone. Now, can we move on?

To be beside the point

Meaning: Not relevant to the matter being discussed

Example: Yes, I can see that you are upset by what happened, however this is beside the point. We need to do something to fix the situation.

To get to the point

Meaning: To come to the most important thing that one wants to say

Example: Look, we don’t have much time. Can you please get to the point so we can move on to the next agenda item?

To make a point of doing something

Meaning: To make sure something is done because you feel it is important

Example: Brian made a point of buying everyone in the office a small Christmas gift.

To see the point in/of doing something

Meaning: To understand the purpose or use (of something).

Example: I really don’t see the point in us offering them further concessions. We have already been generous enough with this offer.

To take someone’s point

Meaning: To understand and appreciate someone's argument or attitude

Example: I take your point on the need to improve our productivity. Has anyone got any suggestions on how we could do this?

What’s the point?

Meaning: Little use or purpose

Example: What’s the point in making an extra effort if our customers don’t value it.

Final thoughts

I am sure you will agree that the word “point” is very versatile and can be used in many expressions in business meetings. If you want to introduce these words into your vocabulary then all you need to do is take some notes and try and put one or two of them to use each week in one of your weekly meetings.

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Well, that is it from me for another week of The Art of Business English podcast. Take care and see you all in the next episode. 

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