Pre-Intermediate (A2) General English Online Course

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Pre-Intermediate General English Online Course

Are you planning a trip to London or New York? Are you shy?

Would you prefer to stay home and learn English or study from your office to have everything under control when you plan your next trip or when an English-speaking friend comes to visit you?

Then let us help you on the journey to learn English, feeling satisfied with yourself and being confident in situations where in the past you felt uncomfortable. 

After finishing this course you will be able to:

  • talk about where you live, and compare it to other places
  • describe your daily life, occupation or studies, and talk about your interests and hobbies
  • give opinions and speculate about the world around you
  • understand and give instructions to describe how ​to do daily activities

​What you get:

  • Reading exercises
  • Video explanation of the grammar
  • Grammar exercises
  • Vocabulary and Pronunciation Practice
  • Listening exercises

​Enrol now and obtain the English level you have always dreamed of!​

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​All our courses offer high quality video lessons and you get email support from your assigned trainer. You get answers to all your questions and feedback.

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​All students receive a completion certificate to demonstrate their level. Use it in your CV to help you get your next job. 

Here’s what people are saying about ​our courses

​Arkaitz Pujana
​Confidence in FCE online course

He realizado el curso Preparación First Certificate. Recomendable al 100%. Flexibilidad en el estudio, material didáctico muy bien estructurado y lo mejor el trato cercano de los docentes, aun siendo un curso a distancia sientes su proximidad.

Eudald Villicrosa
​Excellence in FCE online course

​¡100% recomendable! Me han ayudado mucho con todas mis dudas y siempre he sentido que el profesor estaba allí para mí. Si deseas aprobar con este curso lo lograrás. Me ha sido de gran ayuda. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

​Private one-to-one coaching

​Mi nombre es ​Pep, soy de Barcelona y soy el director de una empresa de maquinara. Antes tenía problemas y muchas dificultades para comunicarme con mis clientes en inglés.​ Con las clases con ​AOBE de inglés de negocios ​aprendí a ser más independiente. Ahora me siento más realizado y seguro en el contacto directo con mis clientes en inglés..

This is what you get with ​the Pre-intermediate general English online course


​Module 1: ​Grammar revision 

​In this module we extensively review grammar from the A1 level course. The topics covered include, ​the verb "to be", have vs. have got, possessives, possessive pronouns/adjectives, articles, there is/are, must, can & could, the Simple Present & Future forms.

​​There are a total of 10 lessons in this module, each one has a video explanation of the grammar, as well as ​exercises to put the theory into practice.


Module 2: ​​Food from the Earth

​In module two we cover​ the Present Simple grammar, spelling rules, the present continuous and finally irregular verbs.​

​This module also includes a​ number of reading exercises, listening activities and exercises to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.


Module 3: ​​Challenges 

​In module three we focus on ​the Simple Past and the Past Continuous forms. There are also a wide range of grammar practice exercises, reading practice, listening quizzes, vocabulary training and pronunciation activities.


Module 4: ​​Cities

​In this module we go into detail about how you can correctly express ​different forms of the future.. You will learn ​different forms such as "will", "going to", the "present progressive" as well as spelling rules for ING. ​This grammar is fundamental in helping you speak fluently on a wide range of both general and business English topics.


Module 5: ​​The body

​Module five covers more advanced grammar structures​, comparatives and superlatives, as well as the infinitive of purpose. ​The unit is also supported by interesting and engaging reading exercises, listening and vocabulary relating to the body.


Module 6: ​​​Express Yourself

​Module ​six focuses on​ the Present Perfect ​and its use in English. The module includes three engaging readings, listening and vocabulary activities. ​


Module 7: ​Transitions

​Module ​seven ​looks at the difference between the Present Perfect and the Present Progressive. We also cover adverbs that are often used with the Present Perfect, such as "already", "just", "yet", "ever and "never". Finally, we also look at how to use "so", "too" and "enough".  ​

We cover a wide range of exercises across all of the skills areas, from listening, to reading and grammar exercises.

​Your course coach ​Andrew Ambrosius

Andrew has travelled the world, lived in Perth, London, Vancouver and Barcelona. He and worked in a wide range of companies in different capacities. He has a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the Edith Cowen University in Western Australia. Andrew also holds a post-graduate diploma in Business Studies from United International Business Schools (UIBS). With more than 10 years of teaching experience Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience to all aspects of his online courses, coaching and podcast. ​

​The proud father of two daughters, Andrew ​is also an avid mountain biker and loves to hit the local trails around his city. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

​Pep setvalls

​Mi nombre es ​Pep, soy de Barcelona y soy el director de una empresa de maquinara. Antes tenía problemas y muchas dificultades para comunicarme con mis clientes en inglés.​ Con las clases con ​Andrew de inglés de negocios ​aprendí a ser más independiente. Ahora me siento más realizado y seguro en el contacto directo con mis clientes en inglés.. 

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