​​Private one-to-one online coaching

​​Get fast results and personalised classes with one-to-one English language coaching

​Perfect your English in only one hour per week with personalised online live coaching with native and highly qualified professionals

If you have every felt frustrating speaking English, or worse you worry about feeling embarrassed or looking ridiculous in front of your next customer or colleague, then you know how important it is to feel comfortable and confident when you need to speak English for work or when you're travelling. ​

Traditional classes require time, and they are slow. Students often have the sensation that they are not progressing and this often means that they stop learning English or lose their motivation.

​Private one-to-one classes are the solution, 100% personalised and focused on your needs.


​Do you want to speak more English and practice with native teachers face-to-face?​


Imagine having a private teacher from the comfort of your own home or office.​


Imagine not wasting time driving to your classes or taking class from anywhere, the park, your office or while you are at the beach. ​


Get fast results with your English with private online classes from certified English trainers.​


We are specialists in Business English and offer a wide range of courses and business programmes.​ 


Using our interactive “webmeeting” software, you can share documents and easily interact with your trainer, the same as you would in a traditional class. ​


Students improve quickly and in the aeras that satisfy their individual needs.

​With private one-to-one classes you will benefit from:

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    ​A 60 minute one-to-one class focused on your individual learning objectives
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    Privileged attention and instant feedback
  • Benefit from 50 years of teaching experience and native speaking professionals
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    ​Flexible class times from the comfort of your home or office ​

​Highly experienced trainers

You will have direct access to the Art of Business English team of experts who will guide you every step of the way.


​100% ​Personalised

​The classes are 100% personalised and adapted to your learning needs. Get the most out of your time.​


Rápida mejora

All our one-to-one coaching is designed to get you the best results in the least amount of time. ​​

​Details of the classes:

​With private one-to-one classes you will learn how to:

  • Understand a wide range of texts and from varied sources
  • ​Maintain conversations on a wide variety of topics both formal and informal​
  • Understand english speaking radio and TV programmes​
  • ​Participate in a wide range of business situations ​
  • ​Maintain conversations about different topics and give your opinion and arguments​
  • Produce well structured and clear discourse, expressing opinions, explaining advantages and disadvanatges about different points of view, both orally and in written format​
  • ​Fell more confident when working in English speaking environments or when on holiday or travelling​
  • Increase your confidence using English in real world situations ​
  • ​Create a study plan that will help you to identify, practice and improve at the areas that you need based on the personalised feedback from your trainer​
  • Express yourself ​on a wide variety of formal topics
  • Improve your pronunciation and speak like a native

​Prices and conditions

​Personalised coaching!

​$299/​​10 hours

  • ​​Private one-to-one coaching
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    ​​Highly qualified trainers and professionals
  • ​Any business or general English topic
  • ​​​Personalised study plan
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    ​Personalised corrections and feedback
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    ​Flexibility in your class schedule and learn from home

​General conditions:

  • ​The first session is free to establish the students level (20 minutes)
  • ​​If as student buys a block of classes and decides not to use them, we will return the remaining amount, minus a $30 administration fee
  • ​Students must cancel or modify their classes 24 hours before the scheduled class


​What do our present and former students say?

​Me sentía frustrado por mi poco progreso en una academia tradicional. Me costaba encontrar el balance entre  el trabajo y el estudio, y solía faltar a clase. Con el curso en línea de Castells Immerscom FCE, me sorprendió la rapidez con que mejoré y la calidad del material que me proporcionaron.

Julia Faró  

Media ​y comunicaciones

​Ya había suspendido el FCE exam y empezaba a desmotivarme. Por suerte encontré el curso del FCE en Castells Immerscom. La profesionalidad de los profesores y la flexibilidad me ha ayudado de verdad a mejorar y aprobar el FCE.

Javier López

​Diseñador gráfico

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