Finally ​Explained: The Complete System for ​Writing Highly Effective Business Emails

Are you a native Spanish speaker, who needs an email course designed specifically for you? 

Do you want to write excellent emails with ease and communicate effectively in your job with international suppliers, customers and colleagues? 

Do you need a course that is short, but full of all the most essential email writing knowledge you will ever need, giving you fast results and actionable tips?

Then this message is for you.

I’m ​Andrew Ambrosius,
the CEO of T​he Art of Business English

I am a Business English coach with over 10 years experience helping business professionals improve their confidence and skills to perform at the highest level. 

I’m going to reveal to you the keys to writing effective emails so that you are a clearer and more confident communicator in English. 

If you want real, actionable business writing skills - if you want to escape the frustration and embarrassment of writing confusing and poorly worded emails  - then taking a fast-track email writing course specifically designed for native Spanish speakers is the way to go. 

In fact, let’s get more specific: I want to show you how you can write, clear and concise emails that easily convey the ideas and formality required for working in English internationally.

You can copy from a list of fixed expressions and sentences, right? It’s doable. It doesn’t require a really high level of English and that is why my system will have you writing like a native in no time.

That’s the beauty of my course. It’s short, simple, straight to the point and designed specifically for native Spanish speakers. My step-by-step programme gets you writing effectively from start to finish. 

But... Why do I need to improve my emails?


It may surprise you to hear me say that poorly written and communicated emails costs money and time.

But here’s the thing: I have seen over and over again the negative outcomes of poorly written emails. Emailing is communication and poor communication results in slower response time, confusion with order, payment and claims. It can even result in lost customers and decreases in productivity and sales. 

This is even more relevant today with social media and apps like Whatsapp making our communication faster and, less formal. This is having a negative impact on the way we communicate with our colleagues and customers over email. 

Unless you don't need to write emails in English on a regular basis, I suggest not making the same mistakes and take the steps to improve your productivity, speed and accuracy in communicating over email. It could just save you more money and time than you realise. 

Stop making the same mistakes over and over again...

You know what I mean, you send emails every day using the same tired old expressions that you think are correct, when in fact they are plain wrong, confusing or so limited in vocabulary that you get continually frustrated and embarrassed clicking send. 

You keep asking yourself "Why can't I say what I mean!!?"

It’s okay to admit it, we’re all guilty of doing this.

The reality is that you can't just "survive" sending poorly written email.

The truth is that we need to take the time to improve our writing using templates and fixed expressions for different situations. Why? Because that is what native people expect.

For example, we use some expressions that we find in other people's emails that we think are correct. We start using them in all our emails thinking that we sound great... only to find out that we have been using the expression completely in the wrong context!

Do you know what is the worst thing? No one ever tells us our emails are wrong! We never get feedback, so we are destined to keep on repeating the same mistakes.  

Stop ​wasting time!

​Wouldn't it be nice to be able to spend more time working on the things that really matter? 

Instead, you have to spend 15 minutes writing an email, which in Spanish would only take you 2 minutes. 

I know how you feel. It is incredibly frustrating. Do you know that I had to get my native Spanish speaking staff to check all my emails?

Yep, every single one, for a whole year!

Do you know why? 

Because I was never given a simple system with fixed expressions and language functions to help me easily write emails. No one gave me the framework to help me build perfectly clear and concise emails in Spanish. I know exactly what it is like to feel frustrated and annoyed at not being able to write an email quickly.

That is why I made this course for you.

Stop feeling embarrassed

You know the feeling. You're in an English speaking work environment and you just can't seem to find the words to express what you really mean. 

The phone rings, and it is an English speaking client or colleague and you freeze. Then comes the typical question... "Can I send you an email?"  Phew, you just avoided a difficult call. 

The only problem now is that you are not sure how to express yourself over email. You try anyway, but what you send is confusing and full of mistakes. You know it makes you look bad, but what can you do? 

Stop feeling embarrassed about your emails and fix them now. 

Stop being so informal

Social media, likes, shares and Whatsapp are making us become less formal. People are losing the art of good communication. 

We rush sending our emails in an attempt to move onto the next item on our To Do list. 

Learning the art of using the correct level of formality will be a massive win. Your customers and suppliers will respect you more and you will gain more authority. ​​

The cost of poor writing

Like it or not, poor email writing has a cost on business. This cost manifests itself in two ways, wasting time and money.

Too much writing nowadays is filled with slang, jargon and ambiguity. 

Rather than speeding up communication, poorly written or worded emails slow down business processes. The message is lost, productivity suffers, orders are mistaken and stock is wasted. 

Furthermore, poorly communicated instructions can mean a task is done that is not necessary or not done the right way. Wasting time and creating confusion and frustration. 

Ask yourself, how many times  in your native language have you had to do something twice because of miscommunication, or write follow-up emails to clarify what is required? Now, imagine when this happens in English, the problem is magnified!  

This leads to the following bad outcomes:

  • Additional costs
  • Incomplete work
  • Missed deadlines

However, there is one cost we haven't considered. Trust! You have to work hard to gain trust in business. Articulating your message clearly and removing doubt is a great way to build trust. 

Conversely, using the wrong type of words will make your reader question your authenticity. 

Think back to a time you received a spam email in poorly written Spanish from someone who claims they have a fortune waiting for you. The first indication that someone is not to be trusted is that the email is FULL of spelling and grammar mistakes. 

The written word is very powerful and you would do best to master that art of written communication. 

"Andrew, I have ​tried to improve my email writing but it's just not working."

Maybe you’ve been reading so far and rolling your eyes. “Tell me something I don’t know yet.”

Maybe you’ve been trying to create effective emails already. ​Maybe you have been trying to overcome your frustration and you’re still struggling because you feel like you're not progressing. 

This is because you haven't got the correct "map", no one has shown you the way forward. You are like a person walking in the dark. You don't get any feedback and no one tells you what mistakes you're making. You can't clearly see the way to get the improvement you need.

Don’t know how to ​find the clarity you need? Well, what if you had an exact system for transforming your emails into perfectly crafted messages that get people to understand exactly what you want to express.

​​​​That's what you get with the ​Excellence in Emails system!

Tried to improve your writing already?

Simply copying expressions from other people's emails doesn’t magically lead to you writing better emails. If you don't understand the expressions in terms of language functions or the right context then it will be a bad outcome.

What I’m talking about here isn’t just the principle of writing what you think you should write so that you sound native.

It’s about writing specifically, using the expressions that native people expect to see in a wide variety of business situations and based on a very specific formula. One that involves understanding "who" your reader is and adapting your message to them to make sure it has the biggest impact and achieves your communicative objective.

I’ve developed a process which blends understanding our audience, the writing objective and the essential language required. This is the key difference: you don’t just write an email and click send hoping that the other person will understand and do what you ask. You send it knowing what they are expecting to read, with clear instructions to get your message heard. 

Read on to discover the components of my successful email writing formula. 

Define your audience

Following my writing formula you will start to understand who your are writing to. Suddenly, you will start writing with the reader in mind, instead of just trying to check things of your To Do list and get your inbox down to zero unread emails

Plus, if you understand what motives your reader, then you will learn how to write effective subject lines that translate into getting your emails opened. You will also learn the secrets of how to write an effective subject line and how this can improve productivity. 

That means: lower costs, fewer complications and most importantly… freedom.

Using linking expressions

The secret sauce to any effective writing is to understand and use correctly linking expressions. These magical words are the structural foundation of your writing. They give your writing clarity, a natural flow and help guide the reader, taking them on a journey from start to finish. 

Linking expressions are powerful, but you need to know how to put them into practice correctly. On the Excellence in Email writing course you will learn from live coaching sessions how to use linking expressions, their meaning in Spanish and have lots of opportunities to practice them. 

Designed for Spanish speaker

The most powerful teachers are native English speakers who are also bilingual Spanish speakers. The student gets all the benefits. A native English speaker's accent and perfect pronunciation, plus the ability to quickly clarify anything in Spanish. 

It is comforting having the similarities and differences between the two languages explained clearly. On the Excellent in Email writing online course, all video lessons include useful tips in Spanish and "flash" translations to speed up the learning process. 

My course has been specifically designed with Spanish speakers in mind

The little known secrets to correct pronunciation

The Excellence in Email writing online course also reveals the secrets to pronunciation. It is all good and well to be able to write, but what if you need to spell out your email address over the phone. How do you say @ in English? Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people don't know all the symbols used in emails. In fact, I have seen my students get "stuck" time and time again trying to express orally their email address. 

We have got you covered on the course, we look at how to improve your pronunciation, how to spell things out and how native people link words together and use the "schwa". 

The complete A - Z of expressions to structure your email

I know you lack the vocabulary and expressions you need. So, I give you all the essential expressions to get you writing concise emails in no time. Plus, you will learn in what situations to use them. 

Just knowing the expressions is not enough. You need to know how to structure your email so that it can communicate the message in the most concise and clear way. 

That is why with the Excellence in Email Writing course we not only teach you the language, but also the language functions. 

"Writing Skills Can Help Future-Proof Your Career" - Forbes

"Having excellent writing skills can make you an indispensable member of your team or company. And it’s one of the best ways to remain consistently employable – no matter your profession. Especially when you consider that workers can spend a third of their time reading and writing emails."

​The Written Word is Powerful

​Being able to write well in any language is a powerful, if not essential business skill to have.

Communication skills are central to being an effective worker, manager or leader. The sheer number of emails we need to write and send on a daily basis is testament to the important place that written communication holds in our daily business and personal lives.

Of course you can easily find people who’ve tried ​to improve their writing skills but end up bitterly disappointed or totally frustrated with their lack of progress.

That’s because, quite frankly, most ​learners who try this are going about it ​the completely wrong way.

Let me break it down for you - let’s look at the typical mistakes that lead to​ ineffective email writing.

  • ​How do I write an email with my reader in mind?
  • ​How do I write an effective subject line?
  • ​Why are my emails never opened or read by people? 
  • ​How do I get people to open my emails?
  • ​How do I structure my ideas clearly and transmit my key message?
  • ​How do I learn the most common expressions used in business emails and more importantly, when to use them?
  • ​How can I make my emails look good and easy to read?
  • ​How do I know how to use the correct level or formality?
  • ​How do I effectively check my email to avoid embarrassing mistakes?

With ​Excellence in Email Writing the Winning Formula
 is Finally Revealed

With ​Excellence in Email Writing, I’m teaching my entire system for ​writing and clear, concise and effective emails that get read..

That means we cover everything you need to get it right and avoid all of the ​problems listed above. We cover:

  • ​Defining your audience​: Everything you need to ​know about understanding your audience and how you can write so they want to read. 
  • ​The power of linking expressions: Everything you need to be able to write clear, concise and well structured emails.
  •  ​Easy to use language and expressions templates:  Everything you need to ​write a wide variety of emails with the most common expressions and vocabulary linked to language functions. 
  • ​Check and send guide: ​Everything you need to know about checking for mistakes and making sure your emails are perfectly polished before sending. ​​​

This is not a half baked course. ​This is the entire, workable system that I ​have been teaching for many years to get my students' the results they desire. 

This video based course, with live corrections, helps English learners build confidence from the first step. I give you actionable and practical knowledge that you can start using in your email writing in your next email.

I’ll tell you more about exactly what you’ll get, but first let me be clear about some things…

What Excellence in Email Writing is NOT...

I want to set the right expectations, here. Excellence in Email Writing is not what you expect from your typical, average online course.

  • ​Excellence in Email Writing is Not a Passive “Information Download”. This course is not about just sitting back, learning a bunch of theory and then doing nothing with it. This is an implementation-focused course. The purpose isn’t to download a bunch of information, it’s to guide you through a system of exercises and actions to take, that lead you to the result. Don’t sign up for this if you don’t want to do the real work. This product is not for “info product tourists”.
  • Excellence in Email Writing is Not a Solo Course. If you don't like to form part of a community, then maybe this course isn't for you. I want to help my students, so I will be encouraging you to interact and ask me loads of questions and comment in the comment section or join our forum. 
  • Excellence in Email Writing is Not Just About Writing. It is about communication and understanding how to connect with other people. It's about how to influence others through the written word. 

What You Get When You Sign Up for Excellence in Email Writing Today

An online course that you can learn at your own pace with video lessons from live coaching sessions. 

Worksheets and downloadable resources to help you learn faster. 

Theory into practice exercises and corrections so you get the feedback you need. 

Module One 

Email series by AOBE. 3 video lessons with tips and techniques to writing better emails

Module Two

Defining your audience. Understanding why knowing your audience is the key to better emails and open rates

Module Three

Essential linking words. All the vocabulary you need to link and structure your ideas to create clarity and flow.

Module Four

Email vocabulary, numbers and symbols. Essential vocabulary as well as pronunciation tips. 

Module Five

How to structure your emails. More vocabulary, paragraphing correctly & emailing best practice

Module Six

Formal vs. Informal. Hit the write tone and sound more professional. Understand how to be less direct

Module Seven

Checking before you send. Never make another silly and embarrassing mistake again. Tips to detect errors

Module Eight

Final quiz. Put all of your knowledge into practice with an interactive online quiz to test your knowledge. 

Bonus! Office hours. 

During May 2019, I will hold 2 office hours sessions. During these times, you can ask questions, interact with other members and get advice and feedback tailored specifically to your needs and challenges, directly from me.

What You’ll Discover
in the Excellence in Email Writing Modules

Understand your audience and build credibility

Learn the secrets of effective subject lines

Improve clarity, flow and structure with linking expressions

Write faster with fixed expressions and templates

Learn the essential language for emailing to help you write faster

Learn the best way to structure your email to ensure the message is clear

Understand levels of formality and learn how to be less direct and more polite

Learn how to check your writing for mistakes

Who’s This Andrew Ambrosius Guy Anyway?

Okay, so I claim to be some kind of expert and I claim to be able to teach you how to ​write effective, clear and concise emails. But can you really trust me? After all, how many ​rubbish teachers have you had in your life?

I totally agree with your scepticism, here. In the English teaching space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who's only claim to being a good teacher is the fact that they are native. However, they have no experience, except for the 60 hour "TOFEL" course they did last month. 

There are 2 things about me, that might ease your mind:

  1. I love teaching and have been doing it for more than 10 years.
  2. ​I am bilingual and know all the traps and frustrations that people face when learning a new language. 

Creating online courses for my students is my favourite thing to do. I love helping and getting my students results. If you don't listen to my weekly podcast then I encourage you to check it out. You will see how much value I provide my audience every week.  ​

​So, why take my word for it, why don't we get the opinion of my students. They have learnt from me first hand.

​He realizado el curso Preparación First Certificate. Recomendable al 100%. Flexibilidad en el estudio, material didáctico muy bien estructurado y lo mejor el trato cercano de los docentes, aun siendo un curso a distancia sientes su proximidad.

​Arkaitz Pujana

​¡100% recomendable! Me han ayudado mucho con todas mis dudas y siempre he sentido que el profesor estaba allí para mí. Si deseas aprobar con este curso lo lograrás. Me ha sido de gran ayuda. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

​Eudald Villicrosa

​Mi nombre es Jordi, soy de Barcelona y soy el director de una empresa de maquinara. Antes tenía problemas y muchas dificultades para comunicarme con mis clientes en inglés.​ Con las clases con Andrew de inglés de negocios ​aprendí a ser más independiente. Ahora me siento más realizado y seguro en el contacto directo con mis clientes en inglés..

​Jordi Ratera

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